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Transforming the mind and body

through fitness and nutrition


To empower people to make educated choices with their nutrition and fitness and to live their life to the fullest, feeling fit and strong.

We are dedicated to helping you change from the inside out. 

Reach Your Nutrition Goals

Learning how to improve your health and wellness can be overwhelming. So much information today leaves you confused.  Many nutrition programs can be frustrating making you feel like you have to give up all the fun in life in order to get into shape or lose weight. Many “diet” programs require you to cut out a major food group, count calories or more. This can be time consuming and overwhelming.

Fueled4Wellness' lifestyle programs combine wellness and nutrition by providing practical tools and education that are sustainable. You will receive one-on-one support, nutrition coaching and accountability along the way to keep you on track.

Fueled4Wellness nutrition programs are NOT a quick fix. Instead, we will teach you to change your mindset.

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Nutrition Program

Nutrition really doesn’t have to be complicated. Our goal is to teach you that nutrition can be simple and DOABLE. We aren't fans of the term “diet” and our program is anything but that. It is a LIFESTYLE and something we hope you adopt for life.  

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Extra Plans

With our Community Membership you will receive a community to keep you accountable, as well as nutritious recipes, motivation from our coaches, and tons of nutrition tips! 


Meet Your Motivation Team

We Know It Because We Live It!

The Team
Wanda McIntosh

Wanda McIntosh

Wanda has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. She is an expert personal trainer, as well as, a wellness motivator. She is also a grandmother and in the best shape of her life.


Mike Nekuda

Mike is driven by helping others see their true potential through health and fitness. He works with people, guiding them in establishing their reason and purpose for living a healthy life. 


Kerry Nekuda

Kerry believes nutrition and exercise are the best way to prevent and combat diseases. As a mother and full-time pharmacist, she is aware of all the daily distractions that can derail a healthy and active lifestyle.

We Love Our Clients...

Image by Chase Kinney

Sheila W.

This lifestyle works and so grateful I’ve gained strategies and gained confidence that I can get to the weight and fitness level I want to even while getting older! 

Shannon R.

 After completing the nutrition program with Wanda, I've made many small changes that have added up to big results. I've lost 10 pounds and at 40 years old, I am leaner and stronger than I've ever been. 

Couple Running

Jessica P.

Maybe it was much easier to accept my new changes because there is no end, no one told me what to eat, but taught me how to eat. My mindset changed, I am eating for me and my body, what I put in is my fuel. The team at Fueled 4 Wellness is amazing and all have backgrounds that really make this a unique experience

Couple Running

Valerie M.

Wanda, Mike and Kerry are the real deal.  They walk-the-walk each and every day and they impart that knowledge to everyone around them, including their children.  What amazing role models!  Wish I had that as a kid.

Image by Mark Koch


We will be in touch.

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